When it comes to moving away from the hustle and bustle of city life, transitioning from city life to country living can be a big change, as well as a challenge.

Many of us can only dream of dumping the bright lights of the city and being lucky enough to be surrounded by the nature of the countryside every day.

Transitioning from City Life to Country Living

If you have made the big leap to country living, then you are not alone. It is estimated that 27% of Americans want to move to a more rural area, with the over 50s having the biggest aspiration to do so.

Even so, more and more millennials and those who define themselves as Generation X are upping sticks and starting a family (or taking theirs with them) outside of the city.

To help ensure your transition from city life to country living is smooth and as stress-free as possible, this article offers some solid advise to help you transition.

Let Get Into It!

What Is The Attraction To Country Living?

Moving to a rural location is pretty ideal for some. Whilst the city is fast-paced and never seems to sleep (hello 24 hour grocery stores and fast food outlets), country living is all about taking it slow. 

Whilst you may not have all the convenient stores a few blocks away, living in a rural area takes away some of that stress of errand running and having to keep up with the big city lifestyle.

Also, it is not just about feeling a little less stressed, it is also about being closer to nature.

The fresher air and having wildlife on your doorstep can be a thrill, especially if you have children you would like to bring up understanding the ways of the world – from bugs to animals, and not having everything on demand. Yes, that includes fast food and the local shopping mall.

If you are looking for tips on how to live this new lifestyle, then look no further. Here we have gathered 4 tips to start you off on this new exciting journey from the city to country living. 

Make the Most of the New Lifestyle

When it comes to moving from a city to living in a rural area, the first thing you will notice is how different it feels.

If you are used to jumping in the car and heading to Starbucks to pick up a coffee within ten minutes, then you are going to have a culture shock when you realise the closest Starbucks is probably around an hour away. 

Another difference is the fact any local shops will close much earlier than you are likely used to, so it is worth noting when the opening and closing times are so you do not get caught short. 

However, not every rural town is the same.

The area you are hoping to move to may actually have its own Starbucks, or at least one closer than an hour away, but it is best not to assume that you will be getting the same level of service from the country compared to a large city where everything is readily available.

Another big lifestyle change will be the emergency services and their response time. Specialized Doctors may not be on hand if you need them, so keep this in mind if you have particular needs as you may have to drive long distances to reach a hospital.

Also, there is a high possibility that a local Doctor will not be available.

So, to put it simply, if you need to call 911 the response time to get to you will be longer than if you were in a city, so before you move, have a look at what the options are for medical and general emergency services.

Moving to a rural location is challenging when factoring in things such as shopping, health services and dropping those treat-time benefits (such as the coffee), but country living has its own perks which we shall look at next.

Tips for Transitioning from City Life to Country Living
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Learn New Skills and Meet New People

When you move from the city, the best thing you can do is to embrace any new change that comes your way. If you do not, then you might as well pack those boxes and get back to the city – quick!

Due to the fact that it is unlikely you will find a bustling restaurant close by, moving to a rural location will give you the time to acquire new cooking skills. Whilst this might seem like a lot of effort, it can actually be really fun and delicious at the same time.

There might even be local clubs where you can learn new skills alongside other people, which is not only rewarding for you, but also a great way to meet new people. 

Becoming friends with the locals is a good way to fit into local life and to pick up tips on how to live in a rural location. It will make settling in seem so much easier too, and you will soon forget what it was like to live in the city. 

Be Friendly and Open

It can be difficult to move somewhere new and expect to make friends, especially when some people who live in the country are a little skeptical of new people moving in.

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It is understandable though, especially if they have been there for years and have probably seen people come and go.

If you are friendly and open to the country lifestyle, rather than telling everyone how easy and better it is in the city, then it is very likely that you will soon fit in with the locals. 

Kindness can certainly go a long way, especially if it is genuine. A friendly attitude is not hard to have, and this usually comes with being open about living in a rural setting and embracing the challenges and changes ahead.

Do Not Expect a Quiet Lifestyle

Even though you might assume that living in the country is quiet, well, it is not. It is peaceful and has a more laid back feel to it, but generally, it is not as quiet as you might expect.

Country living brings with it its own noises due to farmland. There are animals (think cows mooing) and tractors, as well as general farm machinery that might start making a lot of noise early on in the morning.

Unless you are hoping to start your own farm and do not mind the noise, then look for a home that is not next to a working farm.

Also, if you do not want to hear gunshots from hunters, avoid living near the woods too. The country is large enough to accommodate different types of preferences when it comes to noise, so you will be able to find the ideal location to create a lovely home surrounded by nature. 

Final Words

Moving to a rural location after living in the city should be an exciting experience, but naturally it may also cause some challenges to your everyday life and routine.

Gone are the days of being stuck in traffic to pick up the children from school or to run some errands. Now you may find yourself learning new skills like cooking due to not having any restaurants nearby, but also making new local friends and joining new clubs. 

Moving to the country may be a learning curve, but you will find that it has so many benefits and positives that are difficult to ignore.

Not only does it offer fresh air, a healthier way to live and plenty of space to feel at home in, it also provides a good place to bring up children. There are far less distractions from technology, and they have so much more to do out in the open where it may be a lot safer for them.

Also, children can grow up to be more self-aware and self-sufficient having surrounded themselves with growing food, bringing up animals and living amongst nature. 

Whether you feel like the odd one out or are eager to get stuck in, you can make the most of living in a rural area, afterall, life is what you make it!

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