Are you searching for an affordable and practical solution to enhance the beauty of your hot tub? Look no further! 

In this article, we’ll unveil a DIY hot tub surround that combines inexpensive materials and innovative design ideas, resulting in a stunning and budget-friendly addition to your outdoor space. 

Whether you’re a seasoned DIY enthusiast or a novice looking for a low-cost project, this guide will provide you with inspiration on creating a beautiful hot tub surround without breaking the bank. 

Get ready to transform your hot tub into a captivating oasis!

Surrounds For Hot Tubs

Homeowner’s Design Criteria:

  • Create a custom built-in look
  • Create sitting benches and walkways
  • Convenient cover storage
  • Use Low maintenance materials
  • Accessible to hot tub service panels
  • Create privacy
  • Low cost
Hot tub surround using vinyl siding and pressure-treated wood

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Benefits of Creating a Hot Tub Surround:

Building a custom surround for your hot tub offers a multitude of benefits that go beyond mere aesthetics. With a well-designed surround, the look of your hot tub, sitting on its own, can be completely transformed into a stylish and cohesive centerpiece of your outdoor space. 

Beyond the visual appeal, the surround serves a practical purpose by providing easy access to the tub. No more awkwardly climbing in or out! 

Additionally, the surround can be designed to include a convenient walkway that doubles as a bench, offering a perfect spot to relax, socialize, or enjoy a drink while others soak in the tub. 

About this design

As part of a new deck renovation, the homeowner was looking for custom design ideas for a hot tub surround and privacy panel that blended into the home.

Also, because the hot tub is over ten years old, the exterior cedar panels require regular maintenance to keep them looking good. Therefore, finding a way to hide the cedar panels while allowing access to the hot tub’s service panels (on all four sides) became a key design element.

Original Hot Tub With Cedar Sides

Planning and Preparation:

When it comes to building a hot tub surround, careful planning and preparation are essential. One crucial consideration is the addition of extra support beams to ensure the structure can withstand the weight of the tub and its occupants.

In terms of materials, composite decking boards were chosen for their maintenance-free advantages, eliminating the need for staining and upkeep that comes with traditional wood.

Moreover, this hot tub surround incorporates a rear privacy panel standing at an impressive height of 84 inches, providing a shield from prying eyes and ensuring a serene and secluded soak.

With these thoughtful design choices, your hot tub experience will not only be stylish but also functional and private.

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Desired Design and Style:

When envisioning the hot tub surround, the homeowner wanted to keep the hot tub on the surface of the deck rather than sinking it below. This choice minimized the cost of construction while ensuring access to the hot tub’s service panels. 

Additionally, it offered the advantage that, in the future, if the tub is removed, the decking would not require reconstruction. 

The challenge was to create a built-in surround look while keeping the hot tub on the deck surface, striking a balance between functionality and aesthetics.

To allow access to all four sides of the hot tub in the event of a service requirement, the tub surround framing was designed in modular sections that can be removed. 

However, the primary service panels where the pump and motors are located are at the back of the tub and accessed through the privacy panel, as shown below. 

Door to Rear Service Panels
hot tub surround rear panel access
Open Door on Pully System
hot tub surround rear service panels
Rear Service Panels

Material Choices

Seamless Integration with Board & Batten Siding: To ensure a cohesive look and harmonious integration with the home, the same board & batten siding was used to finish the sides of the hot tub surround.

This deliberate design choice allows the hot tub to blend in seamlessly with the architectural style of the house. The siding, in a captivating Iron Ore color provided by Gentek, adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to the surround.

Not only does the board & batten siding enhance the visual appeal, but it also offers exceptional durability and longevity. With a promise of 30 years of maintenance-free service, this siding solution eliminates the need for regular upkeep, providing peace of mind and allowing homeowners to focus on enjoying their hot tub oasis rather than worrying about ongoing maintenance.

By selecting the same siding as the home, the hot tub surround achieves a cohesive and timeless appearance while ensuring long-lasting beauty and convenience.

Side Access & Chemical Storage Cupboard

Cupboard doors provide access to one side
Hot tub chemicals are stored in the cupboard

Privacy Panel for Hot Tub Surround

One standout feature of the hot tub surround is the privacy panel positioned along the backside. Designed with both functionality and aesthetics in mind, the privacy panel serves multiple purposes. 

The 84″H Privacy Panel is finished on both sides with offset air gaps for ventilation

Firstly, it offers a shield from prying eyes, ensuring a secluded and private hot tub experience.

In addition to providing privacy, the privacy panel incorporates a convenient storage area for the hot tub’s cover when the tub is in use, keeping it within easy reach and neatly stowed away. 

There is a 12′ shelf surface behind the tub for the cover to rest. The distance from the shelf surface to the top of the panel measures 45″ to allow for the cover.

For windy days, a cable is available to secure the cover in place.

Adding to its allure, the privacy panel is adorned with low-voltage LED lighting on both sides, creating an ambient and inviting atmosphere in the evenings. 

This combination of practicality and visual appeal makes the privacy panel an essential element of the hot tub surround, elevating the overall enjoyment and functionality of the space.


This hot tub surround boasts a range of impressive features and benefits that elevate both the functionality and aesthetics of the outdoor space.

With a focus on seamless integration, the same board & batten siding was used to finish the sides of the surround, allowing the hot tub to blend effortlessly with the home’s architectural style. The durable and maintenance-free nature of the siding ensures 30 years of worry-free service.

The addition of a privacy panel along the backside of the surround offers a secluded and intimate hot tub experience, shielding it from prying eyes.

The privacy panel serves a dual purpose by incorporating a convenient storage area for the hot tub cover when not in use, keeping it accessible and neatly stowed away.

To enhance the ambiance, low-voltage LED lighting is integrated on both sides of the privacy panel, creating an inviting atmosphere during evening soaks. This thoughtful combination of functionality and visual appeal adds a touch of elegance and allure to the hot tub surround.

Overall, this well-designed hot tub surround provides seamless and stylish integration with the home, ensuring a private, convenient, and aesthetically pleasing hot tub experience for years to come.

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