Greg Jones

In my 30 plus years of owning a cottage I have never witnessed so many changes in cottage living. Between the COVID-19 pandemic that drove city dwellers to cottage country to work remotely, to young couples looking for an affordable real estate investment, to aging baby boomers ready to call cottage country home, today’s cottage living is undergoing unprecedented changes.

Alan Duncan

No longer is “granddad’s old cottage” working for these new buyers. Today’s cottagers want modern amenities like high-speed internet and four-season homes large enough for entertaining friends and family.

Scrap the electric baseboards and bring in the furnace. Oh, and don’t forget the hot tub!  

In today’s market everything construction related is becoming scarce and costly, not to mention the record-breaking real estate prices. Now contractors can pick and choosing what they want to work on, and getting competitive bids is as challenging as finding a unicorn!

So as a veteran cottager with years of cottaging experience under my belt, I was looking for a way to share my knowledge and offer any advice I can pass along to both new residence, and owners looking to expand, renovate, or replace their cottage.

Welcome to Today’s Cottage Living! This is my answer to bring cottagers together online to share our collective knowledge and experience to the benefit of all cottagers looking for timesaving and cost-saving, ideas, and suggestions. Let’s build a community where we can share our passion for cottaging!

I hope you enjoy, learn, and exchange ideas.

Greg Jones

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