While each cottage has its own quirks, there are a couple of common features among all cottages, that make them the coziest abodes. 

With a few cozy cottage décor tips you can transform your cottage into a cozy daydream. If you don’t own a cottage, and you’re looking for cottage-style inspiration, you can follow these tips too. It’ll recreate the snug and intimate nature of a cottage, making your house the perfect homely space. 

cozy cottage décor

Ultimately, you’re going to be striving for a warm aesthetic. It’s all about implementing cozy and charming décor until your house itself begins to reflect and resemble the same atmosphere. 

The great thing about the cottage style is that you can make it completely unique to you. If you like bold and bright cottages, you can still have a cozy house with our tips.

Likewise, if you prefer neutrals with a few patterns and accent colors, then you, too, can also create a cozy home. No two cottages are supposed to be designed the same way, so be creative, and make your house really feel like your home. 

With that said, let’s dive into the 7 decorating steps to create a cozy cottage décor! 

7 Steps To Create A Cozy Cottage Décor

Below, we’ll give you 7 great ideas to create a cozy cottage or home. Some of them will be very easy and inexpensive, while others will be a bit trickier, and expensive. 

Whatever your budget, or skill set, you can create a snug and wholesome home. 

1. Reclaimed Wood 

Vital to any cottage look is reclaimed wood. 

Wood brings a sense of the outdoors inside. It creates a wholesome and rustic effect, which adds to a calming, cozy environment. Also, wood, especially reclaimed wood, has a sense of nostalgia. This carries the theme of families, togetherness, communities — and thus ties together the feeling of coziness and continuity. 

Pinterest – vintage wood dinning table

It doesn’t need to be reclaimed if you can’t get your hands on it, any vintage wood, old furniture, or even new furniture painted shabby chic can work.

If light wood, or painted wood, isn’t your thing, you can use dark wood. This will add a natural depth to your home, without having to go crazy on color.

Likewise, weathered wood can create a similar effect, as it will create a small contrast between neutral backdrops. 

Depending on your budget, you can incorporate wood into your cottage in several ways. You could consider a wooden dining table, wooden cars, wooden staircase, and so forth. Cheaper alternatives would be to get smaller wooden pieces, like a wooden desk, or a small wooden coffee table. 

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2. Throws 

Throw Pillows

Yep, this is a very inexpensive and easy option, that will keep your cottage toasty all year long. 

When it comes to placement, the first place to place your throw will be on both ends of the couch. This will create a very warm, snug atmosphere. You can add them to chairs too, and of course, make sure you have them neatly folded on top of your bed.

Throws are really great for decorating your home. It’s a very easy way to add color and texture to your cottage, and you can shake it up, depending on the season. 

You can get an excellent range of throws within any budget. If you’re in a colder climate, then opt for thick throws, but to create texture, ‘throw in’ a couple of thinner throws too. Likewise, in hotter climates, you can do the reserve. 

It’s good to have a staple amount of throws, as you never know how the weather will turn. 

3. Textiles 

Next, we’re moving on to textiles. 

Textiles are a really great way of adding a cozy aesthetic to your cottage. If your cottage is primarily neutral colors, then you’re going to especially want to incorporate textiles, for a gentle pop of color.

Pinterest – floral rug

Ideally, you should go for vintage floral patterns — think botanical designs, flowers, plants, pretty much anything natural. 

Even if you’ve gone down the bold route, adding textiles can make your home cozy too, but you’re not going to want to overdo it. Adding textiles can not only add a coziness but a fun, quirky feel to your home.

Likewise, if you’re primarily using bold colors, the floral design is going to calm the room down and create a sense of warmth and stillness. 

4. Fresh Flowers 

Another inexpensive way to make your humble abode cozy is to display fresh flowers. 

This one should be no surprise. Flowers are natural, calming, and look gorgeous. They create a focal point and can help with relaxation. Generally speaking, you can choose any bouquet that makes you happy. 

I’m not under the school of thought that a certain type of flower should be used in a home. However, all flowers will have a different effect on you, and create a different atmosphere.

If you had a grand display of flowers, it would create a different atmosphere than if you had a display of wildflowers. With that said, whatever makes you happy, buy that. 

5. Display Books 

Again, this is another cheap and easy way to create a sense of coziness within your home. 

This is because we’re pulling on a few phenomenal features that books display to us. When one has books, one is carrying a story — whether it’s fiction, nonfiction, and so forth. It immediately creates a sense of nostalgia. 

It also generates a sense of stillness. When one is reading, one is quiet, and in a sense of ‘resting’ mode. Having books around is a really easy way to give your house a lovely, peaceful, and cozy aesthetic. 

If you don’t own a bookcase, you do not have to go and buy one. What you can do, is scatter some books on your coffee table, and this will create a similar effect. You can also have cookery books on display in the kitchen, and books on your bedside table. 

Pinterest – Bookcase Display

6. Rugs 

Rugs are a wonderful way to create a cozy home. 

Firstly, you can purchase some absolutely beautiful rugs. If you’ve gone for a very neutral décor, then having some bold rugs can really add a pop of color and warmth to your home.

Pinterest – A bold colored rug adds contrast

Likewise, if you’ve already gone bold on color and patterns, then having a more neutral rug and produces a feeling of solitude, and make the home feel ‘quieter’. 

Rugs are great in the living room, and they’re also very lovely in the bedroom too. If you really want to pressure on the cozy feature, then opt for a deep pile rug. These are usually the thickest rugs and can add some modernity to your home. 

Plus, more than their aesthetic value — rugs will help you stay that little warmer. If you have pets, then they’ll definitely appreciate a soft and warm carpeted area to rest on. 

7. Plants 

Plants as home decor for cottage

Lastly, to create a cozy home, we’re going to recommend that you buy some plants. 

Now, plants can be vital to giving a cozy, wholesome feel to your home. They’re alive, they’re breathing, they’re a piece of nature within your house. It will immediately produce a sense of calm and relaxation. 

Many plants also release moisture from their leaves into the air which can help to reduce energy costs in the winter.

There are no specific plants that you need to buy, just buy plants that you feel personally connected to. It’s not all about appearances, having a cozy home means, having a cozy home, not just a cozy-looking house. 

What you will want to do, however, is add a range of sizes and textures. You should opt for some floor-standing plants, some table plants, and perhaps even some ceiling plants.

You can try getting different shades too. This will break up the room, and help the house look more unique and spacious. 

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Whether you invest in some reclaimed wood furniture, or you take a visit to your local florist, there’s an array of steps that you can take to make your cottage cozy.

It can be as simple as adding some extra throws, including floral patterns in your decoration, and getting the right rugs. 

If you have any extra tips, feel free to comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Thank you for sharing your time with us at Today’s Cottage Living!

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