Over the past few years, there has been an explosion of interest in cottage living, and that has led to new trends in cottage design, and cottage décor.

One such trend is called Cottagecore Décor! 

cottagecore décor

What is Cottagecore Décor?

For those of us that haven’t heard of cottagecore, let’s check out Wikipedia.

Cottagecore is a fashion aesthetic popularized by teenagers and young adults celebrating an idealized rural life. It was developed throughout the 2010s and was first named cottagecore on Tumblr in 2018. The aesthetic centres on traditional rural clothing, interior design, and crafts such as foraging, baking and pottery, and is related to similar aesthetic movements such as grandmacorefarmcore, goblincore and faeriecore.

Some sources describe cottagecore as a subculture of Millennials and Generation Z. The cottagecore community is highly diverse.


What started out as a simple fashion aesthetic with a love for full dresses and cozy sweaters now has everyone learning to bake bread, embroider, and garden.

Cottagecore is no longer a simple trend – it has become a lifestyle movement that promotes self-care and comfort. 

So why not take this new enthusiasm for nature and relaxation to the next level and make it a reality? 

Buying and living in a real cottage comes with a huge amount of benefits that a lot of people don’t realize or think about when looking for their own home, plus you get to live out your cottagecore fantasy.

If you are wondering what else you can get out of a cottage home, then here are some reasons why you should seriously consider living in your very own cottage. 


In making the following statements, we do realize many of today’s newer cottages are more like country homes, or estates, with all of the amenities and large square footages. And as such, may be as much money – or more, as a city home. But for the purposes of this article we have chosen to compare traditional, everyday cottages.

Cottages Are Cheaper

For the past couple of decades, houses have been getting bigger. In fact, the average American home has increased in size by 2,000 square feet! 

But does all that space really make a house better?

Due to their smaller size, cottages are usually cheaper to purchase. Although prices on the housing market are always changing, cottages typically have a smaller price tag compared to large, multiple bedroomed houses. 

Not only that, cottages continue to save you money even after you have settled in. Cottages cost less to heat so you can also save money on your monthly bills.

Smaller rooms and less space also means you can spend less on furnishings and decorations than those who settle into larger homes, so you get to spend all those savings on yourself!

You can invest those savings into supplies for your hobby or it can go towards a big family vacation – the choice is yours!

So if you are looking for somewhere to live that is affordable, then getting yourself a small cottage is an ideal choice. 

Cottages Are Charming

Cottages really stand out against other forms of buildings and homes by style and structure alone. To put it simply – they look amazing!

This is because cottages often come with a lot of original features that bring a lot of character to your home. Everything from exposed brick walls, to rustic wooden beams, to flagstone flooring – all of these common cottage features makes it an ideal choice for those looking for a charismatic home to live in.  

So while all other homes look like they came straight out of an IKEA flatpack, cottages are often designed to be completely unique with original floor plans and layouts.

You can always customize your cottage to suit your tastes, but cottages come with a lot of originality and individuality that makes them such a charming place to call home. 

Cottages And How Living In A Cottage Can Be Great
Cottages are charming and can provide privacy

Cottages Can Provide Privacy

Most cottages are situated in in the country on lakefront lots, or rural areas with lots of forested areas and garden space with greenery all around. Not only does this mean you have plenty of outdoor space to wander and garden in, but you are also guaranteed some peace and quiet. 

With no busy streets or loud neighbors, you can enjoy living a more secluded and detached lifestyle far from the hustle and bustle of big cities and towns. You won’t be completely cut off from society, however.

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You can still drive into your nearest cities to shop for groceries or attend work, but you can travel there knowing that if you need the space and isolation to recharge your batteries, you can always retreat home to your cottage. 

Of course, if you are someone who likes both cottages and a more social lifestyle, you can always combine the two and search for a cottage built closer to suburban areas.

Cottages can be built anywhere – including out in the woods, or in the middle of a lot of farmland. This means that if you are searching for a home that will give you the privacy and seclusion you crave for, then consider getting yourself a cottage home. 

Cottages Promote Sustainability

If you are someone who cares about their environmental impact, then a good way to reduce your carbon footprint is by living in a cottage. 

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According to the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, smaller homes like cottages use less waste and emit less greenhouse gasses during construction than the average American home.

They concluded that reducing a home size is beneficial to the environment, meaning that cottages provide a more sustainable way of constructing homes and housing. 

Not only that, but living in a smaller home like a cottage means that you use less electricity and fuel. As cottages have fewer rooms, you have less space you need to heat up and keep lit.

Not only does this save you money on your bills (as we said above), but it also means that your fuel consumption drops and you can sleep soundly at night knowing that you are doing your part to help the environment.

Cottages Promote Happiness 

There is something about living in a charming old cottage out in the middle of nowhere that just gives a lot of people a good positive boost of energy. Looking at pictures of log fires and blankets in a cottage living area just gives you the fuzzies – maybe it’s the charming features of the house, but maybe it is the idea of sitting somewhere cozy and just relaxing. 

Many people would agree that a cottage lifestyle is far simpler than living in a big suburban house. You spend less time on maintenance tasks due to the smaller space (such as cleaning), so you have more time to spend with your family and invest in your hobbies. 

Cottages provide a lot of intimate spaces like snug bedrooms or smaller living areas where families spend a lot of time in close proximity to each other, sharing experiences and building relationships.

Pinterest – peaceful country landscaping

You may even have a spare room or corner to transform into your own hobby station. Whether it’s a reading nook or a crafts room, you can have your own personal space to do the things you love. 

All of this time put into building relationships and skills can improve your mental health and wellbeing, so you feel you are enjoying your life more and overall feel much happier. This alone is a very strong reason to live in a cottage as there is nothing more important than the wellbeing of you and your family. 


Clearly, there are many great reasons why you should consider buying and moving into a cottage. 

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Today’s Cottage Living

Not only are they affordable and more economical, cottages are also sustainable and help improve your quality of life.

They feature a lot of rustic and charming features that make them stand out against your average American home, and the smaller rooms are quicker to clean and maintain so you can spend more time with your family and do the things you love.

Overall, living in a cottage can help you feel more satisfied with your life and help you save money on those pesky bills that can go towards other things like savings or vacations.

With all these benefits and advantages to living a cottagecore lifestyle, why not give it a try?

Thank you for sharing your time with us at Today’s Cottage Living!

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